[Metal/Synthwave] Master Boot Record – Street Fighter II Ken stage cover

MBR has been very prolific in making synth wave covers of video games sound. Last week, we had a chance to listen to his “Super Metroid” (Ninendo – SNES) cover. Few days later, he also posted his “Street Fighter II” (Capcom) cover, recreating the tunes of “Ken Stage”.
Just listening to it is like a trigger alert, instinctively letting you shout “Ha-Du-Ken!”, some well-placed “Sho-Ryu-Ken” Dragon Punch, all on your C64 computer. For that cover, we have a clear winner: “You Win. Perfect!”


[Music] Gunship – Gunship

I just discovered the indie band Gunship this evening. You would ask “What? It is not metal?”. It is not. Another genre I like to listen is the new wave that marked the 80s. It was a blessed decade and oh man I wished I was able to have a time machine just to travel back then.

There are a couple of excellent videoclips from Gunship including “Tech Noir” that is a love song to the 80’s piece of technology: the VHS tape and the 80’s movies!

The other videoclip is “Revel in Your Time” that have this nice feeling of an 80’s videogame arcade, a time where mind-blowing videogames technologies were in the arcades, costing us a quarter at the time and in which text-based adventures was enough to send you to fantasy realms.

If you like the songs, Gunship has a Bandcamp page hosting his album, that have this wave-synth feeling, staple of the 80s. If you are a kid from the 80s and wished to be an adult in that decade, this album surely worth the try.