[Metal/Metalcore] In This Moment – Beautiful Tragedy 10th Anniversary

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of In This Moment freshman album “Beautiful Tragedy”, that same album that introduced us to Maria Brink and the use of the dual clean/growls from the front singer. Retrospectively, it is an enjoying moment to listen back to the original style of the band as I found the first three albums (“The Dream” and “A Star-Crossed Wasteland”) were damn solid rock and somehow got lost with “Blood” and “Black Widow”.
But let’s go back to the album, bringing us some very good metalcore through their 11-tracks  album, totaling 42 minutes.
We starts through the sound of rain with “Whispers of October” giving us a nice and zen introduction. We quickly follow to “Prayers” giving us the first encounter with Maria’s dual singing style: a mix of clean voices and growls and the very musical arrangements that takes us into it.

Then came “Beautiful Tragedy”, one of the highlighted tracks and one of the few official videos from the album. I found it very refreshing and innovative compared to the common stream of metal style played in the US, giving us some fresh air.

“Ashes” follows the step of “Prayers” and “Beautiful Tragedy”, nicely blending the brutal style of the US metal (predominantly death and similar) with Maria’s voice. “Daddy’s Falling Angel” nicely continues this dynamic making the album very solid and consistent. “The Legacy of Odio” breaks on into something more intimate and softer, allowing us to appreciate the languishing voice of Maria’s voice. One of my favorite track. “This Moment” brings us back to the metal core and put back in the continuation, whereas “Next Life” brings on the heavy, making the song of the heaviest of the whole album with Maria growling for a good 30 seconds! Thats some ass-kicking growls!
“He Said Eternity”  brings us back to “Prayers” and “Beautiful Tragedy” and continues so with “Circles” and concludes with “When The Storm Subsides”, an acoustic track following the path of “The Legacy of Odio”.

Looking back into it, I really wish In This Moment reconsiders getting back to their roots, as I felt their artistic performance were best in their first half and slowly drifted into an “empty shell” syndrome prioritizing a sort of  Maria becoming a “Lady Gaga” on Xanax and sacrificed the artistic punch on their way.

If you want to get into “In This Moment” big way, start with this album, a very solid first album that after 10 years is still an enjoyable musical experience as it was on day 1.


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