[Metal/Symphonic] Dark Sarah – The Puzzle (80%)

2016 is ending, so does my last review for this year. To close this (not so great) year, I decided to give a review on “The Puzzle”, the second album from Heidi Parviainen solo project “Dark Sarah”.
Dark Sarah proved last year her ability to handle a successful solo career with “Behind the black Veil”, a well-designed symphonic metal album that has this strong Tim Burton influence by its dark tale and had also this musical touch remembering some of the best composition by Danny Elfman. How does her second album “The Puzzle” stands?
It stands pretty good, I would say it is more colorful and more like a fairy tale.
It is a 10-track album, totaling about 51 minutes.
It starts with  “Breath”, a 2-minutes introduction that gives this feel of adventure and sailing on new horizons. “Island In the Mist” brings on the heaviness and like its title means, follows on the sailing of “Breath”. Nice track but nothing fancy.
Then came “Little Men” that really scared me when Dark Sarah published it because it is colorful, even a bit psychedelic. But I guess it is part of the storytelling of the album. Yet it remains my least favorite track of the album. See and judge by yourself.

The album continues with “Ash Grove” a bit repetitive but get quickly eclipsed by “For The Birds” and “Deep and Deeper” giving this lightness and fairy-tale feeling to the album. “Dance With The Dragon” brings up the charm that was in Beyond the Black Veil, giving this darker and more melodramatic tone. The best track in my opinion of the album.

“Cliffhanger” is also a favorite, by this minimalism giving us to fully appreciate Heidi’s voice. The album ends up with two very nice songs. “Aquarium” featuring Charlotte Wessels (Delain) has the footprint of Delain infused in it giving this fast-paced and poppy sound giving a good kick in the album.

In contrast, “Rain” is much more calm, a very enjoyable ballad featuring Manuela Kraller (ex-Haggard, ex-Xandria). Overall, it is a good album, proving the ability of Heidi to hold on as a solo project. In my opinion, I preferred “Behind the Black Veil” by its much darker and more orchestral tone.


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