[Videogames] Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay footage

If there is a sci-fi game that I really enjoyed these last couple of years, it is certainly the  Mass Effect series (you can search and find my glowing review on Mass Effect a couple of years ago). It was providing the right amount of exploration, FPS and adventure within a single game, surfing on thematics that someone acclimatized to Star Trek or Babylon 5 would know.
The fourth installment, named Mass Effect: Andromeda has been a well-kept secret on the gaming experience. It marked a huge break in the franchise with the absence of Shepard (the main protagonist of the series) and the introduction of a new main character.
Bioware just released a couple of days ago a gameplay footage of the game scheduled to release in spring 2017. What I can tell, the game looks fantastic and really excite me to get back into it!  A huge feature of this game is apparently the planet exploration and terraforming, resources and crafting. The planet exploration was already part of the Mass Effect but was only superficially explored. Enjoy the video.


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