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[Metal] The Agonist – Five (80%)

img_0399November is ending and I just realized I missed to review one album that came out during this month. This album that I almost missed is “Five” from the Agonist. The second album with Vicky Psarakis fronting, replacing Alissa White-Gluz (now front singer of Arch Enemy).
With her second album with the band, how does Vicky vocal performance stands? Good, very good indeed. Louder, stronger, better. Let’s go through the album, a 14-track album totaling 58 minutes.
It all starts with “The Moment”, simple but loud and heavy, nicely alternating Vicky’s cleans and growls. We are still in the range of the Agonist but I felt the sound and melodic tone have matured in a good manner. This feeling is present all along the album.

Then comes the second track “The Chain”, bringing on the fast-pace that were acclimated with the Agonist, again a nice track if you like the Agonist when they speed up their tunes. We keep in the same tunes with “The Anchor and The Sail”,  “The Game”, “The Ocean”, “The Hunt”.

Some safe placement but also nothing that I found exceptional, except the latter that I really like from all four. Then comes “The Raven Eyes” like an interlude in the middle, mostly acoustic almost with this pleasing jazz-feeling, in which Vicky’s voice nicely matches. Following “The Raven Eyes” comes “The Wake”, a mostly instrumental track playing on the symphonic tunes.
This relaxing feeling is indeed a trick from the band, as “The Resurrection” brings back the death metal on the table, like a sudden wakeup. Nice but nothing out of the ordinary. In contrast, “The Villain” shakes up much more with Vicky unleashing her growls in it, all in her rage and furor. My second favorite one. The album continues with “The Pursuit of Emptiness”, another track falling in the classic Agonist sounds. What comes from the ordinary is the 12th track, “The Man Who Fell to Earth”. Slow, dark and sensual track going out of the ordinary. Another in my favorite list. The album concludes with “The Trial”, following the same step than the previous one, with Vicky’s performance mostly clean but a higher level of heaviness.
The final track of the album is indeed a cover of Hozier “Take Me To Church” that received the 2014 Grammy rock song of the year, giving a much more punchy and heavy tone to the song making it more enjoyable.
In conclusion, this album proves the potential of Vicky. She has matured and progressed. Same can be told for the band. It is a nice album but still a dramatic release that would shake my library. Still it is a nice album to get your hands on,  give a try on iTunes and see if you like it.


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