[Neurosciences] ….and another Alzheimer clinical trial bites the dust :(

….And another Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial bites the dust. This one is a Phase III trial (that means hundreds of volounteers). Eli Lilly new candidate, an antibody targeting amyloid beta plaques formation failed to show any improvement compared to placebo in their latest clinical trial.
That means Lilly will stop injecting money (we are talking about already $100 million spent in R&D considered lost, as the company will not be able to make return on investment) and bring us back to the blackboard: is amyloid beta the real culprit or are we missing it? Thats tilt in the favor of the tau team (that consider tau hyperphosphorylation the main culprit).
Thats some disappointing news for everyone and gives an idea why new treatments are so expensive once they enter the market upon FDA approval.

Source for this post: ACS Chemical & Engineering News (image: Lilly)
Lilly Alzheimer’s drug fails | November 23, 2016 Issue – Vol. 94 Issue 47 | Chemical & Engineering News


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