[Symphonic Metal] Delain – Lucidity (10th Anniversary)

Today marked the 10th anniversary of Delain first album “Lucidity”, as it was released on September 4, 2006.
Delain was founded by its core by Martijn Westerholt, former keyboardist Within Temptation, and Charlotte Wessels. This particular bound to Within Temptation (his brother Robert Westerholt is still the guitar of WT) certainly resonates into this first album, as I found heavily influenced by WT but yet at the same time well crafted for a first album. The album is highly symphonic and well crafted, as well as heavy and honestly it was the first and last time I felt a Delain album that would stick to me as long, as I found their drifting into a certain “poppy” sound may works for teenage girls, but not for the old schmuck that I became.
As I said this album is highly regarded in my collection, with the most of the album very enjoyable to listen. Charlotte’s voice is also very enjoyable yet not falling into the category of soprano voices of other Dutch metal singers such as Sharon or Simone. Also the combination of Charlotte and Martijn (clean) on the voices make it enjoyable without saturating your ears.
For instance, “Daylight Lucidity”, “Sever”, “Sleepwalker Dream” and “Shattered” are instant hits. Very well arranged, nicely blending the symphonic and the metal. Tracks featuring Liv Kristine (ex-Leaves Eyes) on “See Me In Shadow” and “Days of Ghosts” or Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) “No Compliance” are also damn good. Indeed the number of tracks that I dislike are maybe one or two from a total of eleven tracks.
Surprisingly enough, after listening for Delain for 10 years and 5 albums on the counter, none of them was capable to move “Lucidity” from my playlist. Thats lament me because I really liked their first sound. Paradoxically, this is one of these bands I found better live than on records, as they sound much heavier on stage. Maybe this is the consequence of overproducing and overrating the sounds in studio?
If you don’t know Delain, I strongly suggest to get your hands on this one. This is the golden ticket to the band, certainly their masterpiece even after 10 years.


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