[SciFi/Star Wars] Rogue One Trailer and RIP Kenny Baker

A very bipolar series of breaking news hit the hyper space this week: the release of the last official trailer of Star Wars: Rogue One and the passing of Kenny Baker within a 72 hours.

First, the trailer. The latest trailer was in my opinion very exciting and dark. It is very promising and makes me excited to see it at the holiday season. So much, I would almost not mind to have the insult from Episode I and the half of episode II remade. This is how I feel Star Wars is about.

The second was the death of Kenny Baker. You may not know his name but you may certainly know R2-D2. Kenny was the soul behind R2, he was so much in his role that it insufflated life into R2 quickly becoming “our little friend” as Obi-Wan would introduce us in Episode IV. Although rumors and notes claim that Kenny Baker and Anthony Daniels were having bad blood out of stage, the duo was kind of antagonistic but so unique in the Sci-fi Universe. Where C3PO was reserved and diplomat, R2 was the little fighter that could go mercurial with his bleeps and stand against much stronger creatures than him (remember standing against the robot manager in Jabba’s workshop or the first encounter with Yoda). My sincere condolences for his family and relatives and a thank you for Kenny for illuminating my childhood and bringing me fascinations for robots and droids.



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