[Stroke] Surviving stroke injury with a little help of my friends: Astrocytes provides neurons with mitochondria following stroke injury

A very nice study published by Eng Lo (Mass General Hospital), a whiz kid in the field of stroke research. It really brings in a new paradigm in terms of our understanding of stroke injury and stroke repair.
We know that astrocytes play a crucial role in helping the brain recover from stroke injury and try to rescue neurons by secreting growth factors.
But we have been failing to find methods to deliver growth factors in a non-invasive way because producing growth factors by biological engineering is very expensive but also you can only deliver them by directly injecting them in the brain with limited spread.
This very nice piece of work published in Nature and reported by Science (if Science reports on a paper published in a concurrent journal, you bet it should be that good) tells you it is surely a very elegant piece of work here. The paper indeed show that astrocytes seem to go the extra-mile and even provide mitochondria to neurons to help them cope with stroke injury.

Source: Transfer of mitochondria from astrocytes to neurons after stroke : Nature : Nature Research


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