[Metal] Canada “Metal” Day

Oh Canada! Today is Canada Day. This trivial fact I learnt it last year when I visited Vancouver for a scientific conference. What I can tell, by visiting Montreal and Vancouver. I fell in love with Canada. Because today is Canada Day, I thought it would be great to list some of the Canadian bands I have on my playlists.
Also I highly recommend to subscribe to Sam’s Dunn “BangerTV” (I guess he is from Toronto area). He has produced the documentary “Metal Evolution” and honestly did a terrific job in trying to bring some taxonomy in the metal genre and continuously update his walls with the different sub-genres and the band that set that sub-genre.

The Agonist (Montreal-QC)


The Agonist. Tabernacle! This is the freshman band in which Alissa White-Gluz fronted before joining Arch Enemy (Sweden-Melodic Death Metal) and currently fronted by Vicky Psarakis. Lets be honest it is far from the classic stereotype that Americans have over Canadian: it is loud, it is fast and it is brutal.
Alissa has been doing a great job over their three first albums and with their latest release “Eyes of Providence”, Vicky showed she can also growl.
For your pleasure, I put two videoclips from Alissa and from Vicky. Enjoy and I let you bicker which ones growls better with the band.


Kataclysm (Montreal-QC):


Ostie! Another band from Montreal. This one is heavy, into death metal band. I do not a fond of death metal bands in general because for me lyrics matters. A lot. I like growls too. But sometimes, it is hard to understand the lyrics of death metal bands, not even mentioning grindcore bands.
This is what I like about Kataklysm. I discovered the band last year during an unexpected stop in Yellow City. I came, I saw and was vindicated. I ended up leaving with their last album “Of Gods and Men” and a tee from their march booth. They have the brutal of many US death metal band but still keep on the courtesy of Canadian by having clear growls that makes you understand their lyrics.


Kobra and the Lotus (Calgary-AB):


With Kobra Paige and her band Kobra and the Lotus, we are scaling down in the heaviness, but not too much too. A very nice heavy metal band and a enjoyable discovery last year as Kobra Paige was the guest vocal of Camelot in several gigs in France last year.

Unleash the Archers (Vancouver-BC):

Finally, I will conclude with some metal from the land of the Canucks. Unleash the Archers, a power metal band from Vancouver. I got into the band when someone shared their videoclip “Tonight We Ride”, right in the chords of the post nuke.  If raiders of the Wasteland has some guitars to shred, that would be something similar to that one.


Unexpect (Montreal-QC):

Certainly one of the most bizarre band I have ever hard, because you cannot really fit them in any genre. It is a hodge-podge of different style, going from Symphonic to extreme metal. That results in a sort of cacophonic and schizophrenic style. The band was active from 2009 to 2015 and finally ended their career to pursue their own artistic direction.






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