[Junk Sciences] Remember that viral video about the virtue of organic produces on your urine pesticide levels? There a lawsuit for that. Coop Sued For Misleading “The Organic Effect” Marketing Campaign

A year ago, Coop Sweden published a viral video that was shockingly claiming that consumption of conventional grocery produces was leading to high levels of pesticides in urine samples from a family of four. However, once the family switched to organic grocery, it miraculously cleaned their pesticide levels down to zero.
For a non-scientist, it was a shocking video. But for a scientist, it was another example of how a pool designed study was tortured to feed a marketing ploy.
I have been discussing and debunking that study a year ago:

A couple of days ago, Debunking Denialism posted an article that is bringing a follow-up on that viral video and study.

Coop, the company behind the pro-organic marketing campaign “The Organic Effect”, is now being sued for misleading and false marketing by Swedish Crop Protection Association.

You can read more on Debunked Denialism article below (free-access): Coop Sued For Misleading “The Organic Effect” Marketing Campaign


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