[Metal] Lacuna Coil – Delirium (85%)

Today Lacuna Coil released their 9th album entitled “Delirium” today. Earlier this year, Cristina and Andrea announced that this album will be much heavier than their more recent release.
At their 18th year anniversary of their freshman album “In Reverie” and an important change in the line-up, how does the band stands with this 9th album?

Well, you gonna have to read this post to get my thoughts (after keeping it in loop in my office and in my car the whole day). The short answer? It is heavy and loud, much heavier than their previous releases.
The long answer? It is a good album, much more metal than their previous release but still I wish they went further back to their roots that made their first albums “In A Reverie”, “Unleashed Memories” or “Comalies” such a great experience. Because the album have a heavy thematic on asylum and mental insanity, I have decided to cluster the album into different categories of mental illnesses.
The album starts with “House of Shame”, certainly one of the best songs of the whole album. It feels like suffering from a maniaco-depressive episode, being shaken by Andrea brutal tones nicely reflecting  the guilt and shame that someone undergo when hit by depression episode. Andrea symbolizes the darkness and hostile feelings you get during a depressive. Such episode is nicely alternating with the clean and angelic voice of Cristina and spartan musical arrangement giving this nice feeling of euphoria. With Cristina, we have wings of euphoria, heading to the lights of heaven. This stark contrast between Andrea and Cristina nicely play on the bipolar aspect.
The asylum visit continues with “Broken Things”, “Delirium”, “Take Me Home”, “You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You”, “Live To Tell” that are representative of the Korsakoff syndrome: the ability of someone to remember the past and very old events but cannot recall recent events. It is like relistening to the early years of Lacuna Coil and kind to occulting their more recent release. Oh man, listening to “Downfall” and “Claustrophobia”  made me feel so good to listen to the Lacuna Coil I fell in love during my college years. That Lacuna Coil that was playing on gothic metal thematics of melancholy and went gone into memory lane as they watered down their artistic direction to be more accessible as I  went further down the rabbit hole into metal Wonderland.
Some tracks are made to feel being into a schizophrenia panic like “Ghost in The Mist”, “My Demons”, “Ultima Ratio” with voices and hallucinatory sounds assaulting your mental self-consciousness. It puts your auditory cortex into a rollercoaster ride that you cannot predict the next turn or loops you will experience. Being shattered between contradictory thoughts and cognitive processes.
The album overall is good, it is damn heavy and yet fairly accessible. My own personal bias is that such album sounds perfectly suited for being aired on the US radios, it has this sound of hard rock/metal that you grow accustomed to listen on the US FM stations.
However, this also mean you have several songs that sounds the same with little variations, giving the feeling of deja vu, especially a certain number of songs repeating the magic formula of “House of Shame” that saturate your hippocampal region and caudate nucleus fast enough.
Nevertheless, this album gets the title of “Album of the Month” for really brining memories from my youth, when I was discovering the voice of Anneke (The Gathering) and got introduced to Cristina via a bootleg CD of “Unleashed Memories”.


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