[Gothic Metal] Evig Natt – Evig Natt (90%)


Evig Natt……a band name that I never heard about a month ago. Evig Natt is a gothic-metal/doom-metal band from Karmoy, Norway. If you came to me a month ago, I would have said “Who are they?”. Then I heard about the band by honorably ranking in the Female Metal Voices Winter 2016 organized by Geo (geotheoneandonly.wordpress.com) #5 behind some big shots in the FFM scene such as Floor Jansen (After Forever, ReVamp, Nightwish) or Simone Simons (Epica).
However, I got a lot on my plate during this month and my interest felt out of the scope due to some distraction. Then Kirsten, the lead singer nicely contacted me on my blog and I gave a try to their last album named “Evig Natt” (that translates into Eternal Night) recently released and available through Bandcamp and iTunes.
I got their album and put it into my iPhone for my commute test. What I can tell, that was a shocker for me, I was “how come I missed that one?”. Imagine a parallel universe in which Within Temptation did not deviate from their artistic choice with their freshman album “Enter”. Remember when Within Temptation was releasing that milestone in doom metal 20 years ago? How magic it was and still is? Remember that heavy, loud tunes and bass shreds, mixing the growls from Robert with the pristine voice of Sharon?
This was the first thing I felt when the sound into the speakers. It is loud, fast tempo drums that you would expect from a death band, yet with the lyrics and the bass shreds from a doom metal band. Scandinavian bands have “je ne sais quoi”, this ability to translate the most melancholic and darkest thoughts of the human psyche. Dimmu Borgir, Tristiana, Sirenia, Amorphis, Dark Tranquility………..
Tracks like “Bringer of Ice”, “Weathered Emotion”, “Silence Falls” brings you back to what Nordic mythology can evokate through Ragnarok: Cold, frostbiting, heavy and dark.
It is heavy, loud, majestic and despite some Norwegian tracks such as “Stille for Stormen”, they remain highly enjoyable and don’t need to know the meanings to understand the sadness and melancholic lyrics carried by. Kirsten voice is nice and highly reminds me Sharon Den Adel’s debut. If you want some clues, listen “Wildfire”, a very acoustic and intimate piano session in which Kirsten takes the front row of everything. Simply majestic. I don’t know why but this is what caught me in getting in love with this album. Part of me that was in love with “Enter”. There are so many FFM that are in the Symphonic Metal that sometimes you feel oversaturated and looking for something much more heavier and gloomy, yet without to face the constant growls. There are times you are just looking for an introspection in your darkest and most depressing side of yourself and looking for that doom metal album that will help you in the catharsis.
This is my March album of the month. You should give a try if you are into Gothic and Doom Metal. This is not for the fainted of the heart but this is why I love about it, that sometimes you are reminded of some of the most melancholic events of your life that the dust of time will just hide until undusted.
To give you a sneak peek of the album, the band has officially posted the “How I bleed” track on Youtube. If you like them, please support them and buy their album.


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