[Metal] Lacuna Coil – House of Shame (Lyric Video)

Lacuna Coil next album “Delirium” is a couple of weeks shy away from release and to tease on their latest release released the lyric video of one its track “”House of Shame”.
Lacuna Coil told in interviews that their next release will be heavier and bolder than their recent releases. I liked the gothic metal Lacuna Coil from their freshman and sophomore albums “In Reverie” and “Comalies” but disliked not their artistic direction taken with “Code Karma”.
After listening to their lyric video, is my mind changed? Well I can tell. They pledged a heavier album. It is damn heavy, almost lurking into the boundaries and style you would find in death and doom metal: growls, heavy and loud bass and drums. Some people found it was sounding like Lamb of God or Slipknot, I felt it was sounding like Kataclysm or like a typical American metal band: loud and aggressive.
Andrea set the tone, by starting it loud and aggressive. Followed by Cristina’s voice. This is what I found the magic of the track that have put some neural circuitry into a frenzied positive feedback loop. Andrea brings the loud and the darkness of a storm, something that you experience when your loosing sanity and slowly falling into a delirium tremens. Cristina comes in and contrast it, bringing a clean and purified sound, feeling like a ray of light breaking through the heavy clouds of mental darkness. It gives this euphoric feeling of free fall, nicely matching with the lyrics “sometimes, you will fly with me again”.
It has been over 10 years I did not add an album from Lacuna Coil. Is this album gonna be the deal-breaker? I don’t have an answer yet but it looks very promising. I will wait to preview the album before clicking on the purchase button. But with this one, Lacuna Coil played nicely a wild card. Well played Lacuna Coil, well played.


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