[Symphonic/Gothic Metal] Rhenium – Rise Above the Sea (EP)

Rhenium - Rise above the sea

Internet and social media has opened the possibility for small artists and solo projects to have a much greater exposure than ever. Even more, through crowdsourcing it gives life to projects that otherwise would have kept dormant in a drawer because records labels would have deemed such project was not worthing a risk taking, as small as it can be.
I support good music by buying my albums (digitally most of the time because it removes the issues of S&H and storage on a media with a physical lifespan), attending local gigs and buying merchs (Tees and physical CDs) and sometimes trading a cup of Starbucks latte for supporting a band through Bandcamp or Indiegogo.
Rhenium is one of these bands I have supported through crowdfunding. A band? I may just say a one-person band impersonated by Christina Pucci, aka Christina Rhenium from Milton Keynes, UK. A similar one-band project as recently illustrated by Myrkur, a Danish black metal one-female-fronted band that has been buzzing around for death threats she received from some piece of shit.
Christina has been able to collect enough funds to work on her project and just delivered her first EP “Rise Above The Sea”. For a one-person project, it is a nice discovery to try.
It is a six-tracks EP using synths, guitars and drums giving a nice gothic metal feel, with a slow and heavy tempo but also very minimal sound to it. In times where some symphonic and gothic metal bands maybe sensory overloaded it is always welcome.
The tracklist is nice and very accessible, making easy for a neophyte to get introduced to Gothic Metal without being rebutted. Christina’s voice is nice but still has room for improvement, especially considered in a market that is saturated with a lot of female-fronted metal bands. Some numbers advanced estimate about 500+ bands, so it can be a very competitive market if Christina decides to make a living from Rhenium. But for a start and considered it is a one-person project, it is a good start.
Check out her video and her playset in ReverbNation.

If you like, please show support to Christina and purchase her EP coming out this month.



4 thoughts on “[Symphonic/Gothic Metal] Rhenium – Rise Above the Sea (EP)

    • Yeah, it is amazing how in 20 years we went from a fistful of bands into a whole taxonomic branch with lots of bands. It is good and bad in the same time. It is good because anyone can find their niche or there particular sub-sub-genre inside it (like I am fond of having a soprano voice coupled with growls, aggressive guitar shreds and fast-pace drums). It is also bad because you can have a saturation of the marketshare and have the “survival of the fittest” coming in. If a band is playing as a hobby and pastime thats fine but if they want to make a living out of it, this is raising a lot of issues and problems, especially bootlegs and illegal music downloads.


      • As a fan the sheer number of bands keeps one busy. Searching and listening to so many of these bands is a great way to pass time. I am a big fan of Epica, Xandria and Tarja’s solo metal releases. I am on the hunt for new symphonic metal bands all the time.

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      • If you are on Facebook try to join the Gothic DoomMetal Symphonic group administrated by Geo. A lot of small bands post their stuff there and he also organize some seasonal votes of the best female singer of Winter/Spring/Summer

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