[Symphonic Metal] Epica concert @ Gas Monkey Grill & Bar, Dallas TX


Last week, I was finally lucky to attend Epica live performance in the Lone Star State after a series of cancellation in the last two years for various reasons.
The band performed this year at the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill in Dallas, TX with the warmup by local bands including Exalt The Throne (Melodic Metal), Divine Retribution (Melodic Christian Metal) and Infidel Rising (Progressive Metal). Man, what I can say it was a blast and an eye opening for different reasons.
I purchased the VIP package and what I can say the tour organizer was fairly generous: a poster of the tour, a meet & greet with autograph session with poster and single photo session with the band and a T-shirt to mark the event.
The meet and greet was great with really having the band down to Earth and very friendly. After the VIP session, we were welcomed by the beginning of the show with Exalt the Throne. Surprisingly, the band was not listed up to late in the programming so it was surprising. But it worth that surprise. I was truly impressed by the band with very good guitar riffs, heavy bass and a nice vocal in the person of Courtney. It goes heavier than what you would expect in the Symphonic Metal, more lurking into the Melodic death metal without having the female growls you would expect from Alissa or Angela.
It was followed by Divine Retribution that was also very good and reminded me a sound very similar to the Ottoman Empire when Mary Zimmer was experimenting the alternance of growls and clean voices.
Finally we had Infidel Rising that was sounding like some old progressive metal, a blend of Kamelot with some lyrical ballads straight from the 80s, something you would have experienced from Ronny Dio or from Bruce Dickinson.
Living in a state in which the FM radio is balancing between Jesus and country and with the only radio station is recycling old rock music from the 80s and 90s, it was a great bubble of fresh air.
Then came Epica late that night (standing on my feet since 5PM is a bit tiring) but definitely came and blast the show. Starting with “Originem” bringing one by one all the member with the exception of Simone that comes in with “The Essence of Silence”. Man, it was loud, it was bold, it was fantastic to see Epica playing from their whole discography with tiles such as “Cry the Moon” to their latest songs from their latest album. The band was interacting and teasing with the audience, making this bound that I dont see often with other concerts.



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