[Metal] Lemmy Kilmister (1945-2015)


Today, we learnt the sudden death of Lemmy from Motorhead. I am not gonna make an obituary but an eulogy of Lemmy. Lemmy is one of these giants that marked the metal scene back in the 1980s with Motorhead by bringing a fast-paced and engaging form of rock, contributing in the establishment of heavy metal in the 80s among others and setting the seeds of genres we call today as “speed metal” and “thrash metal”.
Lemmy was known for enjoying the good things of life and quite frankly is exceptional that he has been able his body was able to sustain up to his 70th birthday the chronic exposure to two Class 1 IARC carcinogens. Lemmy was also great as he was not someone keeping his thoughts for himself and would call frankly what he has in mind straightforward.
Lemmy showed some signs that things were not doing good, as he had to cancel several concert venues during his last months. Motorhead official press-release only mention an aggressive form of cancer took Lemmy’s life. It is admirable to think Lemmy kept on entertaining us when he knew his time was counted in this world.
Rest in peace uncle Lemmy, thanks for inspiring a whole generation of metalheads and please give my greetings to Ronnie James Dio (Slayer) and Dimebag Darell (Pantera) on my behalf.


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