[Metal] Dreamslave – Rest in Phantasy (80%)


Thanks to the holidays season, I can catch up on my album reviews that I underwent during fall but never had time to write down my review and critique.
One of the album that I particularly liked came earlier in October from the French metal band Dreamslave, a metal band from Lyon, France. This is their first full-released album and as I usually do, I have it go through the commuting test.
My first impressions? Imagine combining Symphonic Metal, with the tempo of power metal bands like Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica. It tells you all about the album: it is fast-paced and dynamic with symphonic elements.
I liked the album in general, as it tries to be distinct from the generic Symphonic Metal band and blend into element of power metal that brings a fast-paced atmosphere to it.
Some tracks are simply let you imagine if we had a French iteration of Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica. For instance, the tracks “Dark Crusade”, “Doomsday” or “The Vinland Saga” are very nice because it blends the fast tempo of the former with the Beauty and the Beast vocal duet (Emma Elegy being the front singer). Some tracks like
My main criticism I may have is the accent of Emma, that sounds sooo French. As a native French speaker, that does not cause any problem, but I rather do not know how non-French listeners would find it annoying. I found it very funny because there are other French metal bands in which the accent is not as obvious. Overall, the album is nice to listen and can let the listener how a French metal band  would sound if this band get the inspiration from Finnish power metal with a female front singer.
Again, the band has an official Youtube channel, allowing me to share a video from the band and let you decide.



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