[Metal] Bloody Melody – Gates of Mind (EP)


Holidays break is here, giving me some times to write some blog posts :).
To start this first series of posts before the end of the year, I wanted to introduce you to a new French metal band named “Bloody Melody”, from Tours, France.
The band has currently one EP named “Gates of Mind” that I recently purchased and listened. One thing that pleased me is the current sound of the EP that is kind of “old style”. I classify it as gothic metal but you may classify it as you want it.
What I like about it is that sound that I did not listen for a long long time, a sound that I associate with The Gathering dutch gothic metal band, especially from their “Mandylion” (1995) and “Nighttime Birds” (1997) release and in a certain extent also close from Lacuna Coil debut album “In Reverie”. The tempo is slow, melancholic and very pleasant to listen and relaxant. Among the different songs, I particularly appreciated “Gates of Mind” because he remembers the good old times when Anneke von Giersbergen was fronting with the Gathering and when the band were transitioning from doom-metal to a more experimental and acoustic rock. It was a pivotal time as these two albums were simply great before I dropped the ball with the band. It was also a time in which  female-fronted metal bands were not as common as we can see today and yet common names like Nightwish or Within Temptation were still experimenting in their garage.
As the band is fairly new, their Youtube channel is still frugal but they have their official channel and therefore I put one of their song to share so you can listen and appreciate it.

If you like it, you can help the band by purchasing the EP as a digital album on all good digital music providers or by directly contacting the band

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