[Sciences/Junk Sciences] Big Pharma and development of drugs – debunking myths

Preface: Pharmaceutical companies have for the last three decades gained this bad reputation called “Big Pharma” as depicted as only running for profit and making their revenues on drugs with no efficacy or working on keeping people on chronic illnesses if not killing them…..wait am I talking about “Big Snakeoil?” Of course not.
Yes as other businesses Big Pharma is here to make businesses because…shareholders, because the Russian roulette that is to develop a new drug (1 in 10’000 drug candidates will end up FDA-approved), because the FDA has rightfully put a lot of red-tape to ensure drugs getting the seal of approval have shown relative safety and efficacy before hitting the market.
Skeptical Raptor has done a nice article to help you understand how pharmaceutical industry works and distinguish the facts from the fictions.

As I’ve written more times than I can imagine, in the hierarchy of scientific evidence, the best primary evidence for the clinical usefulness of any therapeutic method (including medications)…

Source: Big Pharma and development of drugs – debunking myths


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