Food Babe’s Tricky Treats

Definition of Conflict of Interest (source Merriam-Webster): “a conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of a person in a position of trust”.
If someone tells you something is bad, unhealthy or toxic (without showing the right credentials to back his/her expertise and his/her claims) for you and ask you to spend your money on their merchandise (premium susbcription, DVD, book) or to buy from their sponsors, this is a red flag that you are facing a modern snake oil seller. Since when a reputable expert and doctor rely on selling you books and DVDs for a living?
A real expert will give you the information you need and ask, free of charge, with its best competency he/she can.

Bad Science Debunked

food babe debunkedYou get what you pay for
(inspired by a Jerry James meme)

Food Babe is back in time to ruin another holiday for everyone. This time it’s Halloween, and her target: children and their candy.  It wouldn’t be a Vani Hari affair if she wasn’t promoting her own overpriced products that, as always, contain ingredients that violate the very safety standards she pulled out of her anal region from her previous writings.

I’d like to walk you through Hari’s list of recommended alternative sweets and, wearing my ever-faithful Food Babe Investigator Hat,TM apply Vani’s own bloody knife of reason to each and every candy she’s selling.1   If I sound nit-picky on any point, let me remind you we are playing by Vani Hari’s rules here.  So grab some popcorn and let’s get started.  The Food Babe Candy Massacre stars:

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