[Metal/Videogames] Iron Maiden – Speed Of Light

[UPDATE]: Iron Maiden published a playable version of the 8-bit video game “Speed of Light”, directly playable through your browser: http://speedoflight.ironmaiden.com

After five years, Iron Maiden released “Speed of Light” from their upcoming album “The Book of Souls”. Forty years after the creation (1975), the behemoth of the British heavy-metal is still alive and kicking hell! If you are looking for new artistic directions, you will be disappointed. It is Iron Maiden and feels like being in a time machine, being back in the 80’s, the glorious age of the heavy-metal scene :).
Iron Maiden still keeping it classy, bold and metal after all these years. Hail for the elders!

Now if you watch the video, I found it was a great homage for one thing that also stretch back from the 80’s: videogames! Iron Maiden giving homage using Eddie covering the 8-bits era with its iteration of Donkey Kong, the 16-bits era with the classic action platform “jump’n’run” (reminiding me somehow the Robocop versus Terminator) and its own iteration of Mortal Kombat II, to morph into an FPS straight from an Xbox360 game and finally bugging at the end to reveal it was an arcade room.

How more 80’s it can be? Man, I wish I can jump right now into a time machine to end up into the early 80’s, attend a live concert of Iron Maiden during their prime age and spend my stash of quarters into coin-op games.


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