Experience with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Facebook

As I have mentioned earlier one in one of my previous posts, pseudosciences websites do not mind to take a legitimate scientific study, cherry pick the story to use as source for their selling point. But what is worse is when the author of these studies did not even realized their studies were used.
Thats why scientists have to keep an eye on their publications and be sure no one use their studies to fuel misinformation or pseudosciences.

The Skeptics' College

Recently, I was perusing some anti-vaccination pages on Facebook. I came across the page of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a “doctor” that is quite popular in the anti-vaccine movement. I put doctor in quotes because according to Tenpenny’s biography, she holds a Bachelor of Arts and a specialization in osteopathic medicine. According to the UK’s NHS, osteopathy has little evidence of efficacy for ailments other than lower back pain. (edit: Thanks to Laura for pointing out that osteopaths are licensed to practice medicine in the US.)

Tenpenny posted a link to an article by Sayer Ji of greenmedinfo. The headline proclaims “Study Calls Into Question Primary Justification for Vaccines.” Tenpenny shared the article, saying “Did you know that the basic premise of vaccine effectiveness has been called into question?” The article states:

newly published research has revealed that in some cases no antibodies are required for immunity…

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