[Neurosciences] #ISCBFM15 – Day 3 and end of the conference


Today concluded the last session day of the #ISCBFM15 Brain 2015 meeting, it concluded as it began, with a lot of good talks and sessions that makes you very happy and invigorated.
It started this morning with the Nielssen Award attributed to one of the four finalists (all young investigators) selected by a panel and presented their talk. One of this talk was presented by Dr. Shi (U of Pittsburgh) and involved changes in actin cytoskeleton at the BBB during stroke injury. It was followed by a closing keynote lecture by Dr. Martha O’Donell (UC San Diego) and was very well articulate about the importance to consider ion channels and transporters at the BBB during cerebral ischemia and stroke, in particular how these proteins triggers the cascade that will eventually lead to cerebral edema formation.
The afternoon session was also very good with a BBB session in which there were very interesting talks, including some presentation from Dr. Tom Davis (University of Arizona-Tucson) that really show how P-glycoprotein, a key drug efflux pumps interacts with a vast complex of different proteins, very far-strectched from the classical textbook sketch of P-gp being alone in the cell membrane. Another talk came from a faculty member from the University of Manchester and documented that maybe the BBB TJs are not breaking down during cerebral ischemia but rather there may be an increase in transcytosis. It is like having a boat not sinking because you have a breach in the hull, instead because there is someone that is filling up the boat with seawater using a bucket.
Then came the sad part, wrapping up the poster, leaving the conference site and packing my bag. Next time it will be under the Brandenburg Tor, wandering on the Ku’damm. Ja, next time it will be Berlin. Bis 2017!

PS: I knew Vancouver was a nice filming set but it was just insanely great to learn that the same convention centre we had our meeting was also a gunfight scene in the remake of “Robocop” http://www.vancitybuzz.com/2014/02/vancouver-convention-centre-destroyed-robocop-movie/


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