Didn’t you used to be famous?

Doug M

When I was younger the summers lasted longer, the television was better, food was more succulent and Sega still made game consoles. What has happened, woe is me…

The platform wars of the late eighties and early nineties divided a generation. We’ve had; The Stones or The Beatles, Coke or Pepsi now it was Sega or Nintendo.

It was Nintendo, they dominated their rivals again and again. They had the must have games; Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong and Duck Hunt. Sega’s original figurehead, a small boy chomping on a hamburger didn’t really cut the mustard. However the bigwigs at S H.Q had something their competitors didn’t – speed and in Sonic a mascot to go head to head with the mustachioed plumber. The blue hedgehog was the shot in the arm they needed, a much called for injection of kinetic energy.

Sonic and Sega where synonymous with excitement, a slapdash…

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