Just discovered Pyrah, a dark progressive metal band from Strasbourg (France). Very honored to promote metal bands from my hometown 🙂


PYRAH are a 4 piece Female Fronted band from Strasbourg in France .

Stéphany: Sweet & Sour Vocalist
Lucie: Death Drummer Girl
Jean-Loup: Mad Progressive Guitarist
Olivier: Funky Bass Player

1.Hello and welcome to the zine of Symphonic Gothic Metal,it is a great pleasure to have the chance to interview you!

It’s a pleasure for us! Thanks you for your interest in our music!

2.Could you tell about the band and how you all come together?

We started the band at the end of 2012. Lucie and Stephanie were in the same band before, and had the dream to start their own band. They met Olivier by pure chance. At the basis he was playing more funk or reggae, but when we explained what kind of music we planned to play, he accepted to join the band. Jean-Loup was also wanted to create a band where he could express his…

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