[Sciences/Metal] The Greatest Show on Earth, when Tuomas genius blend with the beauty of Evolution

If you follow my blog, you know I am fond of two things: Symphonic Metal and Sciences.
Among the Symphonic metal band that I like, Nightwish has certainly this particular place in my heart as it can blend two musical genres my brain discharge its dopamine on: classical music and metal music. They have set a milestone in the metal scene by setting the foundation of the Modern Symphonic Metal.
When I listened to the track “The Greatest Show of The Universe” (25 minutes long!), I cannot imagine have it no describe the evolution of Earth, the Hadean Eon, the formation of the “primitive soup” with the precursors of all of our biomolecules, then the first unicellular organism and the evolutionary processes that lead our Universe and Earth as we know it.
Steffix, a Youtube user, also shares same mindset and made its own videoclip. Hail to Darwin my friends in evolution I believe!:


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