[Metal] Nightwish – Shudder Before the Beautiful

Nightwish has been streaming a new track from their album “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” called the “Shudder Before the Beautiful”. What can I say, after listening to “Elan”, this one is really a blast in my hears, a really good surprise for a announced disaster.
Sounds like the good ol’ Nightwish, something you would have heard from “Nemo” or “Century Child” album, Floor nicely brings a continuum, closing the gap over the “Anette Olzon” era (I personally never liked Anette’s voice for Nightwish, you need someone that knows how to sing in lower tones and capable to show remarkable crescendo).
Should I jump to purchase the album? Surely not yet but let’s keep an eye for its official release and listen to the entire album before making a full review.
If you want to  judge by yourself, here is the link:



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