[Stem Cells] OK Senate bans human embryonic stem cell research

That’s a terrible news for Oklahoma biomedical research. At the time when stem cell research is hitting high and have some states (such as California or New York) strongly supporting stem cell research. However, other states for reasons that are still blurry to me fail to recognize the importance of human embryonic stem cell research, although such cells have been really helping understanding and developing new methods to understand and maybe cure certain diseases. For instance ACT recent press release indicating early positive outcome in patients suffering from macular degeneration following reprogrammed embryonic stem cells implants.

The State of Oklahoma voted recently to ban human embryonic stem cell research, obtained from embryos of IVF considered unsuitable for implantation. The state Senate were concerned about the usage of embryos in Oklahoma biomedical research but appear to not mind to have these embryos destroyed by incineration as any biological hazard products.



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