[Metal] Adrana – Time To Win, Time To Cry

Some say that Rock is dead, metal was better before…..I say if you stick only to Radio and mainstream. Metal scene was never as vivid as it now, with plenty of talented bands, talented hidden gems.
For instance, Adrana, a French Symphonic-Metal band that I never I have heard before, with one album released and an upcoming second one. They can stand high to big names in the scene such as Nightwish or Within Temptation.
Adrana just released one track of their upcoming album, it is entitled “Time to Win, Time To Cry”. And it is a blast! It is a remarkable piece of Symphonic Metal, leaning toward Melodic Death Metal without the fast tempo, but with all the intensity of a Greek tragedy.
I would certainly not recommend it if you are going through a depression now because I feel it is very powerful and very heart-wrenching that it may just push you more into suicidal thoughts.
It contrasts very well with Marie Rouyer’s and Whyzdom album “Symphony of a Hopeless God” that was charged with this baroque and vibrant colors and symphonic tones that really brought some fresh air in the Symphonic metal scene.
I am really looking forward for the rest of the album and really if you like it, spread it, share it, that is a great Symphonic Metal track, something I did not have heard for a long time, something that makes Symphonic Metal great: takes you from your guts, discharge your surrenal glands out of all the epinephrine and makes this great acoustic orgasm.
2015 is profiling as the year of the “metal hurlant” and that’s great to see France’s caughting up with remarkable quality bands.



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