[Metal] Nightwish – Sagan

A couple of weeks ago, Nightwish released Elan, one track of their upcoming album “Endless in the Most Beautiful” due to release at the end of the month. My feelings were to be fair very mixed. It is not Floor. I love Floor as she is an amazing singer, look at her work with After Forever or ReVamp. A monster of energy and grievance that a companion during my transition in life. I had a hiatus with Nightwish since they call Tarja quit and hired Annette Olzon instead. Honestly Annette was not a good fit, whereas Floor sing in the same vocal range than Tarja and it was like meeting an old friend in which you split because of some petty arguments. Yet I found “Elan” was how I can say….too mainstream, not enough metal. Something you format to have it broadcasted in any FM radio station.
Then I found “Sagan” (that was realized in the CD-maxi of “Elan”) but not on iTunes (rage mode on!). And then it was amazing….it was remembering the good time I had with the Nightwish of my youth, the one from Oceanborn, Wishmaster. The one with beautiful ballad melodics wrapped with a good guitar tone and drums. Then, I am like “Why Tuomas? Why excluding this track from the album? Why did you not used it to promote the upcoming album?”.
Listen to it and give me your feedback. I was thinking to nix their next album and upcoming concert, I may give a second chance. Let’s wait and see their album…



One thought on “[Metal] Nightwish – Sagan

  1. I’ve waited ages for new Nightwish material and like you I was a bit underwhelmed by Elan. And to be honest I’ll reserve judgement on Sagan. If this track has been left off the album then hopefully it’s because the quality of the album is so high and a half decent track like Sagan doesn’t make the grade.


    And for the record, Carl Sagan is a hero of mine, so it’s interesting to hear a song dedicated to him!


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