How Do You Find a Word that Means the Food Babe? A Fearmonger, a Food Activist, a Clown?

“There is just no acceptable of any chemical to ingest, ever” Food Babe. May I argue that by citing Paracelsius “Every substance is poison and nothing is no poison. The dose AND ONLY THE DOSE make a substance a poison”?
Also, any chemicals means ANY. So you are set to die in three days by severe dehydration (water is a chemical, dihydrogen oxide) but at least you will die healthy, thanks for that Food Babe.

The Friedman Sprout

by Katherine Pett

Vani Hari, AKA The Food Babe, has taken the Internet by storm and created quite a controversy. Supporters laud her for taking on corrupt “Big Food,” but scientists and doctors aren’t so sure. The Food Babe is proud of the fact that she doesn’t understand science, and says so herself in her new book, The Food Babe Way. As a student at the Friedman School, I decided to investigate.

I was determined to not hate The Food Babe Way. I actually figured I would buy most of Hari’s arguments. After all, she’s for effective labeling and more clarity in the food industry, goals that are downright noble in my mind. Sure, she has been lambasted on Reddit and NPR, critiqued by The Atlantic, and debunked by scientists like Kevin Folta, Steven Novella, and Michelle Francl, but she must make a few good points…

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