[Metal] Adrana – Frozen Path

Facebook is fairly often full of trolls about considering what is metal or not, but sometimes you can find some interesting bands that you would have never heard of. For instance, French symphonic metal bands. Maybe in Europe I may have a chance to heard some of them. In the US? No way!

2015 has been so far a discovery of French or French-speaking symphonic/progressive metal bands. I never much adhered to the French music scene, that I personally found too mainstream and lacking of publicized and quality metal bands. But these couple of years have seen some firebrand coming out of nowhere.
Check out Whyzdom’s latest album “Symphony of a Hopeless God”, it has been a long time that I did not hear a great album that can rivals with Epica. There is also a couple of hopefuls like Ethernity (progressive metal) or Unseelie (gothic metal).

My latest discovery is Adrana. They have been fairly silent since their 2011 album “The Ancient Realms” but maybe for a good reason. They have an album in the making. Their latest album is fairly good, by convention I do not review albums that have been already published. You can find it on iTunes (it is the only one listed on iTunes by the way).
But what really impressed are the vocals from Anae.  Holy Goodness, that vocals! Opera-quality vocals, a soprano-mezzo range, slightly under in terms of tone compared to Tarja or Floor, much lower than alto such as Sharon or Simone. It is really impressive especially for a “little league” metal band.

Here is one of their track of their previous album, to let you judge of gifted Anae vocal range:

Slowly but surely, 2015 will be the year in which Gallia will take its share of symphonic metal along the Batavian divas and the Valkyries of Asgard.


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