[Metal Review] Whyzdom – Symphony for a helpless God (95%)

[UPDATE] I am a bit over 24 hours post-release, I have it run in loop for 4-5 times as an album. And yet fails to saturate my cerebral center of novelty and awesomeness. And thats great, it shows that it is indeed a well-crafted album!

In the scene of symphonic metal, the world were divided three major poles: the Batavian divas (lead by Epica Simone Simons, AF Floor Jansen, WT Sharon Del Adel, Anneke and Diane von Gisenberg….), the Valkyries from Asgard (Leaves Eyes Liv Kristin, Nightwish Tarja Turjunen, AD Heidi Parviainen aka “Dark Sarah”…….) and the dreadful sirens from the Hellenic and Iberic shores (Sirenia Aylin Gimenez, Enemy of Reality Iliania Tsakiraki, Elysion Christannia……).

However, a series of symphonic metal bands have been emerging from the former Gallia and personified by the band of Whyzdom. Those who have heard their previous album “Blind?” have been noted the formidable potential of the band. Want to get a proof? Here is “Dancing with Lucifer” video:

Today their latest album “Symphony for a helpless God” have been released on iTunes and on physical media and I gave it the “commute test” on my work. Here is the principle of the commute test: It takes me 20 minutes to reach my workplace from home, so I plug my iPhone on my car sound system and shuffle the track to randomize the experience. The album has 20 minutes to convince.

My conclusion? “Ca poutre!!!!” (Excuse my French on that one. It rocks! BIG!) Blast processing (remember the Sega Genesis ad back then?) album! It is a great evolution from their previous one. They achieved to get the right mix of metal riffs (to give the boldness), the orchestral pleasure and most of all the remarkable talented voice of Marie Rouvier. This is the most striking feature of this album. It is simple, if the band were capable to play same level than Epica (my “metre-etalon” or “gold standard” in the latest symphonic metal rubric but also by their steadiness to produce high-quality albums most of the time), Marie propel the vocals as high as Simone. And this is big shit because Simone and Epica. Elvyne was good and did a remarkable job in “Blind?” and I am really looking forward for her to join the metal scene once we find the best compromise with her studies. Marie is just impressive and reminds me of Simone’s debut in “The Phantom Agony”. It is clear, listen to the “Phantom” and “the Quantum Enigma” and it is just impressive how she kept the same vocal quality. Way to go Marie and really looking for you to stand along the other female metal divas in the Symphonic Metal divas Elysium.

The quality is overall well spread within the album. And we can sometimes feel the inspiration coming from “Epica” or “AF/ReVamp”. There is no good 2-3 tracks to lure you and buy an album filled with sub-par songs. All the different tracks are great and diverse and it is difficult to me to tell which is the best and which it the worse. My picks for now are for “Let’s Play with Fire”, “Eve’s Last Daughter” and “The Mask”, but it is really looking in finding the devil in the details.

And most of it is a great Cocoricco! Glad to see some French compatriots reaching a level to make some sizable tidal waves in the symphonic metal wave. Really looking for Whyzdom and other French-speaking bands such as Ethernity to ripple waves in the Symphonic metal scene.

The new Nightwish album keep up on showing disappointments (thats is for another post), but if you want to make your first purchase of the year in the Symphonic Metal scene, you can go ahead you will not be disappointed.

My score: 95%. You can go safely on this one, it is a great album and definitely it is time Whyzdom to be invited to join the Metal Divas Elysium. Allez! Allez! Allez!


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