Schroedinger’s Cat 2: Back from Hell

When I think about something coming back from the grave, I cannot stop imagining Romero’s zombies flesh-eaters or the Walking Dead. Or maybe also Uma’s Thurman escape from the grave in “Kill Bill: Volume 2” (with Morricone “The Arena” soundtrack of course) like this:

Now there is also something that everybody that fond of science like, it is the Schroedinger’s cat to describe certain aspect of quantum mechanics:ödinger’s_cat#mediaviewer/File:Schrodingers_cat.svg

I like this aspect of quantum mechanics because its really brings you to the fringe of science and closer to science-fiction. “Sliders” TV series anyone.

Well it seems we had some real “Schroedinger’s Cat” in the news or sort of. According to the news, the cat was hit by a car, was pronounced dead and five days later got out the grave alive and kicking. See the full story here:


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