Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown in the Aging Human Hippocampus: Neuron

Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown in the Aging Human Hippocampus: Neuron.

[UPDATE]: Cell’s Neuron journal has this cool feature called “video abstract”:

An exciting paper just published by the Zlokovic lab at the University of South California. Dr. Borislav Zlokovic is a well known Alzheimer’s disease in the field of the blood-brain barrier. Many BBB scientists have been calling neuroscientists for a better share of the neurovascular unit in neurological diseases and until now little have been done to increase the awareness of the dysfunctional blood-brain barrier in neurological diseases. Just have a look at the Society for Neurosciences annual meetings: the BBB is almost absent of it.

The Zlokovic lab have been actively working on better understanding how the BBB integrity is impaired during Alzheimer’s disease.  Last year, the same group showed how ApoE, an apolipoprotein expressed at the BBB played an important role in Abeta toxicity by impairing the parasites. This time, the authors have demonstrated using MRI that the BBB become leaky over time, in particular during aging. More interestingly, it has been described that not all the region were as leaky as others. The hippocampus appeared more prone for such leakage and in particular it seems there is a correlation between cognitive decline impairment and increase vascular leakage of the BBB. This again raise the importance to think about neurological disorders both from as neuron-centric and BBB-centric standpoint. Ignoring one is doom for failure of curing the other one.


2 thoughts on “Blood-Brain Barrier Breakdown in the Aging Human Hippocampus: Neuron

    • My mistake, or Apple autocorrect mistake. That should be fixed now. Glad to meet the first author on this paper. Very interesting paper indeed and brings on new evidence on what Pr. Zlokovic have been discussing for years.


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