Charlie-Hebdo terror attack: Those who claimed to act to revenge on Muhammad (PBUH) are indeed impostors

This morning I woke up on a Facebook post of a friend about something tragic happened to Charlie-Hebdo. I was not fond of this journal because he lost its satirical strength and used to work on free provocations to make cash money flows. But I only realized the dramatic outcome of this post by turning on CNN. “Terror Attack on Charlie Hebdo: 12 dead”. Among them five famous caricaturists including Cabu and Wolisnki:Cabu-horizontal Wolinski-at-the-BNF

I grew up with their satiric magazines “Hara-Kiri” or “l’Echo des Savanes”. You have this first shocker, then the second shock is of course to learn the terrorists were Muslims as they yelled “Allah Akbar” and “this is for avenging the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”. As a Muslim, I was outraged with this terrorist act brought by former gangsters that usurped my religion for their own interests but also by the killing on the name of the Prophet (PBUH), including Ahmed (42), a Muslim police officer in duty.
In this time of questions, we came back to ask “What the prophet would do?” and brings back the event of Taif. It was a hard time for the Prophet back then, chastised from Mecca and with the loss of his wife Khadijah. He was an outcast of Mecca and turn on the village of Taif to find a community in which he can heal and get accepted. After visiting three chieftains, he got order to leave the town of Taif. During his departure, people of the village mocked, yelled and laughed at him, throwing stones that severely hit him to bleed. Once far enough from Taif he invoked the Almighty: “0, my Allah! To You I complain of the feeble-ness of my strength, of my lack of resources and my being unimportant in the eyes of people. 0, Most Merciful of all those capable of showing mercy! Thou art the Lord of the weak, and Thou art my own Lord. To whom art Thou to entrust me; to an unsympathetic foe who would sullenly frown at me, or to an alien to whom Thou hast given control over my affairs? Not in the least do I care for anything except that I may have Thy protection for myself. I seek shelter in Your light-the light which illuminates the Heavens and dispels all sorts of darkness, and which controls all affairs in this world as well as in the Hereafter. May it never be that I should incur Thy wrath, or that Thou should be displeased with me. I must remove the cause of Thy displeasure till Thou art pleased. There is no strength nor power but through Thee.”.

Moved by this invocation, the archangel Gabriel came to him and asked him if he were seeking revenge on them. The archangel said that it crush the village between two mountains as a punishment or any punishment from the prophet. The prophet replied to it: “Even if these people do not accept Islam, I do hope from Allah that there will be persons from among their progeny who would worship Allah and serve His cause.” 

If Muhammad (PBUH) did not seek revenge on the people that physically and psychological harmed him, who are we to claim revenge on his name? We should indeed ask pity and guidance for those who insult us and try to establish dialogues and break down the fear or misunderstandings but as well hunt down the impostors and lunatics that hijacked our religion for their own self-interests.

I wish my sincere condolences to those who died today from the terror attacks and those who died from the freezing cold in the Middle East by escaping the same criminals that wrecked Syria and Irak havoc.


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