[Metal Review] In This Moment’s Black Widow

In This Moment Black Widow album cover

In this Moment’s latest album “Black Widow” is not yet here on sale (you can pre-order it on iTunes though) but at three songs out (“Sick Like Me”; “Big Bad Wolf” and “Sex Metal Barbie”), my review is here and sharp: it sucks!
What happened to the band’s mind? What happened to Maria’s beautiful voice and song writing? If you want to see where the band came from, you should dive to their three albums “Beautiful Tragedy”, “The Dream” and “A Star-Crossed Wasteland”. These were certainly their best albums lineup and showed a crescendo increase in Maria Brink talent and the potential of the band as metal/hard rock band. I discovered the band during their fourth album “Blood” with their songs “Blood” and “Adrenalize Me”. It was powerful, schizophrenic (as Maria’s ability to alternate her angelic voice and her primal scream) and nervous. “Sick Like Me” was going into this direction but also something was telling me things will turn sour. And God it turned sour….
To understand the disappointment in the band, just listen to some gems of the group “A Star Crossed Wasteland” or “The Dream”. Maria has the vocal potential and I believe that if a band sustain the “acoustic” challenge then they have the potential. Now the band are on the brink of their existence: either the just let it go to become a vanilla alternative rock with Maria posing as a Lady Gaga on Xanax or they set their scores and get back to their winning formula. Other groups came back from abyssmal depths (like Sirenia or Rhapsody of Fire). I got fooled one (pre-ordered the album on iTunes), shame on you but I will not get fooled twice and I will just ignore their concert tour in Lubbock next month.


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