War, war never changes….


Picture legend: UK Premier Chamberlain press conference following Munich conference related to the invasion of Sudetenland of the Czech Republic. (source: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/files/2013/10/neville-chamberlai_1000460c.jpg). 

War, war never changes.
History repeating itself. A nation that has been dislocated following a long and costly war, a despot and populist seeks to revive its national pride by leering in its history of grandiose. After a grandiose Olympic game that was an opportunity for self-flattering and for showing its goodwill, the despot moved to annex territory in its neighboring countries in pretext to protect its interests and ethnic populations sharing common features with it. It sponsor the quelling of a tyrant over a population in pretext of civil war. And yet the international community fails to find a way to stop this bloodshed and praises diplomacy to solve the greed of the bully. The United States recovery from one of its major economical disaster was too busy rebuilding its economy and let the rest of world contemplate the disaster unfolding.
This was happening roughly 80 years ago. It was back then Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Back then Germany was coming from a costly and humiliating WW1 (with a complete dislocation of the Prussian Empire). Hitler raised in power by seeking hatred and old glory to attire the crowd. Hitler sponsored Franco’s army with ammos and airplanes (see Picasso’s Guernica) with little words from the international community. Hitler had its Olympic Games of Berlin (1936) tailored to his fantasy. Yet after this game Hitler quickly moved to annex Austria and Czech Republic in pretext that German ethnic citizens were in danger. Yet the Society of Nation played the diplomacy cards with the UK (Chamberlain) and France (Daladier) to calm Hitler’s Bully behavior. United States came from the Great Recession and FDR had little appetite for foreign policy. We knew the rest of the story….
Now 80 years later, we have a despot (Putin), dreaming to restoring a broken and humiliated nation in its former glory (USSR) and sponsored one of the most bloody despot killing its population (Assad’s Syria bloodshed), had his grandiose Olympic games to give himself a respectable figure (Sotchi) and rapidly after annexed territories from its neighboring countries (Ukraine’s Crimea) with a toothless international community (U.N.). Meanwhile United States just recover from one of the worst economical disaster and the President of The United States has little appetite for foreign policy. The international community plays the diplomacy card and we will see how the story deconvolute.
Put let me remember Churchill’s words for those who thinks history is irrelevant: “You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.” 1938, after Prime Minister Chamberlain signed an agreement with Hitler