PETA wastes no time going after UW after they are CLEARED of any wrongdoing

PeTA and the animal research ongoing at UW-Madison: I can see the cat that is in pseudo-pain but I completely oversee how animal research is the reason I am alive and healthy.


<sigh> Today, PETA sent another attack to UW after they were only just today CLEARED of ANY wrongdoing. You can read more about their campaign here.

So I ask you, why is PETA taking on this fight again? They have already forced a government agency to review the program claiming animals were being tortured, yet as soon as that report comes out that says those claims were unsubstantiated, they dismiss it! Ha, they did not even dismiss it, they did not even ACKNOWLEDGE it happened! Bottom line is that they LOST the battle but instead of going back to their home base to come with another plan, they hit the rolodex of celebrities to find someone willing to go forward with their harassment plan. The entire UW campus with get this message.

PETA is very slick and sly. They are not afraid to use any tool they can…

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