War…..War never changes. Happy Birthday Fallout!

War.....War never changes. Happy Birthday Fallout!

Vey few video-games hooked me up in front of my screen. Nope, no Sonic or Mario in my hand. It was too much dexterity and low-order task for my brain. Games that hunted by mind are those games where you can have your mind blown by the rich storytelling behind (most of the cases): Pitfall II (Atari 2600), Batman (Amstrad CPC), Bargon Attack (Atari ST), Phantasy Star II and IV (Sega Megadrive), Shining Force I and II (Sega Megadrive), Buck Rodgers (Sega Megadrive), Rings of Power (Sega Megadrive), Space Hulk (Sega Saturn), Labyrinth of Time (Amiga CD32), Angel and Demons (Philips CD-i), Star Flight (Sega Megadrive)……..and then came Fallout. A post-nuclear role playing game. Fallout have this notion of wasteland, post-nuclear world that maybe was driven by my inconscious mind. This mind haunted by the atomic bombs, the Cold War, Chernobyl catastrophe, former President Chirac resuming his underground nuclear tests (Bordel de merde!) but also experiences like Mad Max….
Fallout was like that girl that you can fall in love at first sight before even not saying hi. It blew my mind by this deep and sense atmosphere where you are sent out of your Vault, this nice and warm cocoon to find a water chip for your community. Everything in this game is tightly linked to another, rarely an action you have performed will influence the future, rarely a game put you in a situation where you may decide to act as a good Samaritan or like the dreaded scoundrel on Earth. Rarely a game makes you evolve your mind and dispute an established order. Then came Fallout II that brought you another experience of awesomeness.
Some fans decried Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas but these games albeit not perfect brought me into the first person, and have this feeling of immersion one step ahead. They also brought contemporary thematics and problems of our modern society, about a dystopian historical timeline in which technology ceased to evolve over (that I attribute to the non-discovery of the transistor) giving this touch of postnuclear 50’s, about how our humanity wrecked havoc following the end of “unlimited resources” and how we as human being put ourselves to the end in just few hours, with no help of an meteorite passing nearby.
I am very curious to see how Tim Cains’ kickstarter project “Wasteland 2” will look like but this approach show how can breaking walls behind the storyteller and his listener can bring an awesome experience, especially for gamers.
Maybe in my mid-life crisis I may go wild and attend this crazy thing called “Wasteland party” holding somewhere in the Californian desert in September. Since then….
War…..war never changes.

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