Are you on green-coffee bean diet? Forget it, even mice did not lost weight on that either

Are you on green-coffee bean diet? Forget it, even mice did not lost weight on that either

One thing you may know that a statement is bogus is when it is full of superlatives “A miracle fat burner” as Dr. Oz cited it. What is it? The paleodiet? Noope. Is it the pomegranate diet? Nope either. The green bean coffee diet? Yes and it does not look promising for this diet either according to a study from Mubarrak and colleagues recently published at the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry ( .

Again, this is the same problem again and again. Plants are great chemical plants through their secondary metabolism and provided us with a formidable source of chemicals that are beneficial for us (drugs and medicines) or detrimental if not lethal (poisons).

Among them are a class of molecules that have shown to have various biological properties, most importantly antioxidant activities. However, their effects are best limited to in vivo (animals) studies at worst have been cases of fraudulent cases as the famous Dr. Dipak Das case of 145 scientific frauds in terms of data falsification or fabrication (

Again, here is the case of chlorogenic acid (one of the many active substance present in coffee beans) that shown poor effects on weight loss in animals. One remarkable aspect of US regulation is the sacro-sanct “FDA approval”. A chemical can claim any therapeutical effect only is it “FDA-approved” and this approval is one of the hardest one to get worldwide, so it gives you the challenges that have every single drug and medicine sold in the US have been through.

Next time, you see a retailer for dietary supplement claiming “fat burner” properties, remember….No FDA approval? No clinical efficact and you may deal with a modern snake oil case.



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