Weg mit den Speck…but forget the paleodiet on that one

Weg mit den Speck…but forget the paleodiet on that one

If chemists looked since the age of times to find the “philosophal stone” that would change lead into gold (as Midas was able to change everything into gold), one thing that many of us (especially women before the summer season) is to transform “lard” into “six-packs”. The magic pill, the one that makes out purge the fat and brings you six-inches down.

Everyone would not say no to loose extra pounds without efforts and unfortunately this remains a hopeful dream that we may find a pharmacological switch to transfer the energy contained in our adipose tissue into some other form of energy.
So far no miracles: decrease your intake (decreased carbs intake) and maximize your output (run, sweat…the so-called “no pain, no gain”). There maybe as many diets outside in the wild as I have microbes on my skin but so far no miracles.
However some people outside claim the benefits of the “paleodiet” that our ancestors reluctantly have to live with, getting us back to some hygienist and naturist “utopia” from last centuries.

You may think frugal diet+lot of physical activity=lean? Yes and no. This study brought by NPR showed that our body has a formidable capacity to adapt to food intake and especially energy expenditure. Yes, the “caveman” was lean and have a lot of exercise. Yes, the “caveman” was on a diet. But the “caveman” may have already a well-oiled metabolic system that know how to rewire energy expenditure to keep it optimal for storage.

And this is something that anyone ongoing a diet and weight loss face (including myself): You follow the diet, works great for a couple of months and you are energized….and then you stall on the weight balance for a week, two weeks, a month, a year…..

This is were we are and maybe why we face our modern problem. Our body is hardwired for preventing starvation and has evolved to prioritize storage and reduce the energy expenditure. Now add to it our brain wiring for sweet and fatty food (also great form of storage around our belly).

My take on this article? Dont let the paleodiet dictate your life, because you will get depressed and you will crave on comfort foods (that are rich in carbs and fat). Know that you will never face a size 0 and know you are genetically defined to have a certain shape. But keep on exercising everyday (I hit the treadmill everyday, thanks to Anytime Fitness) and know your BMR and manage your food intake as you manage your account balance.


One thought on “Weg mit den Speck…but forget the paleodiet on that one

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Dr. Abe. Plus, based on the article, I wouldn’t have even considered trying the paleodiet mainly because of too little research on the subject by the original researcher – especially the small sample size. 30 subjects? In my opinion, that sounds like an acceptable study one might do to get by in a college statistics class, not a professionally-done research paper.


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