Mac OS X 10.9…..Sea Lion?

Mac OS X 10.9.....Sea Lion?

As an Apple zealot, I always get into this fever in the wake of the annual WWDC, waiting for the next big thing from Apple in terms of hardware (iDevice, Mac) or software (MacOS, iOS). The two big things that are surely be talked on this WWDC (based on the hanging banners at the Moscone Center) are iOS (7) & the next MacOS (X). This very nice splash picture suggest that maybe we may face a new iteration of the MacOS X (After Lion, Mountain Lion, Sea Lion?). Curious to see how things will go but I would appreciate a major uplift of the system and hopefully the drop of the skeudomorphism adopted since Lion and iOS 5.

[Update] The WWDC was a remarkable comeback from Tim and was giving back this feel that we had with Steve. Mac OS X 10.9 aka “Mavericks” looks sleek and thanks for John Ive, byebye “skeudomorphism” introduced in the early iterations of Lion and Mountain Lion.

The next big thing was the sneak peek on the next gen MacPro, bringing back the sublime design concept introduced with the Cube but now filled up with promising specs.


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